Fi Companies: Providing Customized Services in Healthcare

Fi Companies has created a niche for itself in the dynamic construction and remodeling space with its timely and customized services. Spread across the USA, our cutting-edge services cover both the regional and national levels.

Our top-notch construction services in the healthcare sector have also received outstanding feedback from our prestigious list of clients.

Pharmacies, local medical units and urgent care divisions require well equipped facilities in today’s dynamic healthcare industry. Fi Companies understands this special need and constructs new facilities for healthcare to help health care companies and pharmacies achieve the best in the field of medicine.

Every key installation - whether for kiosks, stockroom shelving, showcases or merchandise displays - are undertaken with the greatest of care. Our high quality craftsmanship, together with our discerning ability to understand what works best in healthcare, have helped us to create some of the most respected partnerships with medical facilities in the country. Right from floor and gondola installations - to well-fitted casework and other interior components – we ensure that every project is delivered on time and fits the client’s budgetary parameters perfectly.

While we are distinguished by new remodeling and construction projects, Fi Companies also understands the need for a timely and well-organized maintenance program. Whether it is a chipped floor tile, or about fixing a fixture, a rusted ceiling grid or install of damage prevention products, we ensure that the repair for your facilities are done as and when it best suits you. Given the exigencies associated with healthcare, we also make sure that our crew and repair staff in no way affects your daily schedules, and we often provide our maintenance programs at the end of day or on weekends.

Fi Companies understands how it is important for today’s commercial facilities to not only look great but combine every arrangement in the facility with the services it offers.