Fi Companies: Serving the Retail Industry with Niche Offerings

Fi Companies is the most preferred name in construction and remodeling innovations in the US.

Whether it is an upscale retail outlet that is on your mind, a big box superstore or a jewelry store, we will help you construct them into a glamorous unit, complete with all of the necessary fixtures and spatial features.

Giving you a customized offering whose hallmark is the use of the most advanced techniques in construction and remodeling is our unique selling proposition. From offering you a perfectly constructed new store, to an overhaul of an old shop, to enhancing your lighting and flooring structures, Fi Companies provides your retail outlet with a professional appearance that is highly desired in today’s competitive retail business environment.

No matter what size your retail outlet is, or how complex its interior design elements are, Fi Companies is equipped to handle all of those concerns. We have over 250 trained and highly skilled construction staff and captive subs, including engineering partners, designers and MEP partners who will look into every aspect of your construction or remodeling venture.

While you might be wondering if we stop only at drawing up a great interior plan and remodeling the indoors, the truth is we will help you to find the best maintenance solutions as well. Our associations with all of our clients are always long-term, helping you to change, tweak and improve fixtures and additions as and when required. No matter when or how you require us, just give us a call, and we’ll attend to all of your concerns instantly.

Call us today and allow Fi Companies to construct your retail dream into a magnificent store.