General Construction

General Construction

Interior Construction

When it comes to interior construction of commercial spaces, Fi Companies has been striving to set new standards of excellence through its skilled workmanship. It is our endeavor to be the company of your choice for all kinds of construction requirements.

We constantly strive to create high-end interior facilities that are practical, meet your budget expectations and are a fine combination of style and comfort. In all of our years in service, and the high degree of professional ethics we follow, Fi Companies has created for itself a wide client base locally and across the country, as a trusted name in superior construction and remodeling services.

We fulfill your requirements with efficiency and diligence and ensure that your interior construction requirements are delivered on time, are cost-effective and are of the highest quality as well.

From local jobs, to the more advanced pan-US projects, Fi Companies is equipped with highly skilled in-house personnel and sub-contractors to scale its operations according to the merits of the program. From screening every requirement and project parameter to administering the workflow and progress, our processes follow the highest standards of quality.

Fi Companies Interior Construction Offerings

Fi Companies prides itself, on having achieved its status quo as a leader in interior constructions. With integrity and professionalism we not only meet customer expectations but always go a mile extra to deliver more. In fact as a value add service to our clients we can also assist with pulling permits.

Our retinue of clients from across industries -- be it in healthcare, retail, hospitality and hotels, or commercial and financial entities like banks, leverages our  abilities in interior construction to bolster branding and market value. From tax centers to credit unions, educational institutions or pharmacies we are equipped to change any niche commercial facility with our technical knowhow and expertise.

Our services for interior constructions are offered in the following areas:

  • Remodels
  • Relocations
  • New Stores
  • Flooring Installation
  • ADA Remediation
  • Flooring
  • Restrooms
  • Lighting
  • Tenant Fit-outs

Each service is specially analyzed before a perfectly laid-out plan is offered to our clients. Our goal is always to bring out the best features in space utilization and combine them effectively with the branding and services of your business. These are eventually all customized and targeted to enhance your brand value, merchandise and helps you to achieve more as a viable business.

Be it niche floor installations, or a restroom upgrade or remodeling existing spaces, the idea is to etch out a plan that perfectly fits your budget and long-term business plan. From changing the beauty of lighting fixtures to the look of restrooms or handling complex ADA remediation, Fi Companies will cater to all your requirements in construction.

Fi Companies believes in team effort, so whether it is a small project or a mammoth construction, we undertake all with equal ease. The consistent help from our 250 plus team of highly skilled professionals spread out across the country helps us to create innovative interior offerings that sets new standards in the industry every day.

Quality service, matched with nuanced planning, practical pricing and a symbiotic partner relationship -- these are the parameters that have made Fi Companies the chosen name in interior construction today.