Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

Fi Companies has established the highest benchmark in construction and remodeling innovation. Small wonder why it is today, the number one and most preferred construction agency in the US.

Due to our consistent and highly customized services in construction and remodeling techniques, today we have spread ourselves from a locally owned agency to one that is valued across the country.

Creating niche offerings that suit the client’s requirements with integrity and a commitment to the highest quality, is what sets us apart in this specialized trade.

Whether it is drawing up a floor plan for a health care unit, or augmenting the lighting fixtures in a jewelry store, or working on the showcase and wall panels in a plush fine dining restaurant, every service is special and is prepared after in-depth screening and analysis of what will work best for the client and suits its long-term business interests.

Just as crucial as drawing up a perfect plan for the construction and remodeling of a commercial building and its interiors, the task to maintain those restorations effectively requires equal amount of planning, technical knowledge and resources.

Maintenance Programs at a Glance

Fi Companies understands how vital it is for facilities to appear great and function optimally as well. That is why we have developed a specially trained maintenance division that takes care of the general maintenance and repair work at facilities.

Whether it is a case of wear or tear, surfaces scaling off, or unaligned wall fixtures – or simply damages caused by accidents or poor handling, our repair team will rush to your assistance as soon as you reach out to us. In fact we are proud to say, that our repair and re-installations during maintenance programs are carried out with such skilled precision that a repaired job looks as good as a brand new installation. This is possible because of our committed repair crew which includes a team of highly experienced and trained staff who perfectly mend damages.

Ideally repair jobs are undertaken according to the client’s convenience and sometimes we extend our services over the weekends and at late hours too, to meet deadliness as required. Our efficient operation of maintenance programs will not only mitigate damages but ensure that your functioning is not affected as well.

Advanced Maintenance Programs

From the time we establish an association with our clients through our core construction and remodeling services, Fi Companies ensures that it draws up a superior post installation maintenance program as well. This is done keeping in mind the type of construction or remodeling job that was provided earlier

Estimations on budget, resources and project plans are drawn up based on the services provided.

Fi Companies provides maintenance programs in the following areas –

  • Damage Prevention Products
  • Fixture Installation / Repair
  • Rack/ Gondola Repair
  • General Maintenance  
  • Restroom Repair
  • Lighting Maintenance
  • Floor Installation / Repair
  • Handyman Programs

We ensure that every maintenance program is carried out with the same efficiency and swiftness as is found during our involvements for new projects on remodeling or construction.